Keeping your home maintained with interior painting does more than anything else you can do to enhance the value and appeal of your home. We at Color Master believe that keeping your home freshly painted adds immeasurably to the simple enjoyment you get out of just being home. 


The color scheme you choose can make all the difference. Color adds beauty and emotion and has a very powerful influence on the mood of the home and the inhabitants. Every one of us at Color Master has a passion for the power of color. This is why we’ve chosen it as the first word in our company name. 

When you paint the interior walls of a home you are transforming the look and the feel of your space. You are setting the tone of how you want to live. The color you choose creates the impression you want your home to give. Getting the color right takes more than just an eye for color, it is also a matter of having good quality paint and the skill to properly apply it.

We apply only top quality paint products that have proven to be the best in the industry. We’ve done our research had our team of skilled, professional painters are fully capable of helping you create the room you want. You may have already imagined the perfect color, or maybe not. We are there to help transform your ideas into reality with a professional color consultation. The consultation isn’t over until you have selected just the right color scheme for your home.

The Color Master Interior Painting Process:

Our commitment to you is to make the painting of your interior walls as easy and comfortable for you as possible. We want your home to reach its full potential in every way. We want this to be a rewarding experience in every aspect. If you want this too, then it can be just a matter of hiring our company to take on the project for you.

The Estimate:

The owner of Color Master does every single estimate or quote we undertake. The reason for this is that we understand that the estimator and the prospective client must be able to communicate together in a manner that is clear and totally understood. This is vital to the success of any painting project. There can’t be anything lost in translation.

The Estimate is followed-up with a very clearly laid-out, detailed written document that is transparent and outlines exactly what work needs to be done and the complete scope of the job. The products chosen will be listed along with an itemized list of the costs. As a prospective client you will have the ability to compare our estimate and proposal to any other estimates you may get. You will see how our approach to the job would be better than any other painting company’s.

Project Preparation:

For any important project, thorough preparation is key to the success of the job. This is doubly important to the outcome when you’re painting the interior of a home. This is why we undertake all the preparations before we start anything. We protect all floors, furniture, light fixtures, and accessories by either moving them out of the way or completely covering them up. All draperies, curtains, blinds, wall decorations and paintings are removed from the walls with the utmost care. This is all done before any drop clothes are laid down. When the drop clothes are down we use a layer of plastic film underneath it for added protection. 

Cleanup, Storage, and Safety:

We are very considerate and maintain a clean workspace. We select a designated area to operate out of and store all of our materials in this area. We keep this designated area clean and organized at all times. We also regard safety as paramount and take all precautions necessary to avoid any accidents.

Surface Concentration:

Due to the many years of experience in the field, we have learned that the one of the most critical steps in the process is to expertly prepare the surface. Doing this right is key to ensuring a top quality, beautiful paint job in every detail.

All areas that we are contracted to paint are thoroughly inspected for any irregularities or damage that may have been caused by usage and ground settling. Premium quality patching materials are always used to ensure that the wall and trim surface areas are expertly repaired, maintaining the integrity of the texture. Once the repairs are made the surface is sanded and then a high quality primer is carefully applied.

The Paint Application:

When we are finally ready to begin painting we know how crucial it is to get everything perfect starting with the very first application. This is where our years of experience and knowledge make all the difference. Our commitment is to provide expert professional workmanship on every job so that the result is the exact finish the client desires with perfectly even coverage, straight even lines and no drips or spills along the way.

Inspection and Quality Control:

Throughout the job our painters are continually checking their work to ensure that everything is perfect before proceeding to the next task. Once all painting work is finished a specially designated person, like a team leader or even the company owner performs a “wet walk-around”. This ritual is to make absolutely sure that every single area was painted perfectly, that the living space is completely cleaned up and all furniture, rugs, curtains, window coverings and accessories are put back where they belong. The room(s) will look brand new, fabulous and ready for the homeowner to take pride in and enjoy. This is what you get when hiring Color Master. 


We are a top quality professional painting company like no other. Our reputation is only as good as our last job. This is why we take every detail very seriously making sure that we give our clients the kind of workmanship they deserve and that they can enjoy and take pride in their home for many years to come. An added benefit is that that the value of the home will often go up as a result of the quality of our work.